Strawberry comfiture

Recipes - Strawberry comfiture

Delicate and sweet, this comfiture is perfect for summer deserts and not only.


  • 1 kg strawberries
  • 500 g sugar

Directions for Strawberry comfiture

Step 1: Thoroughly wash strawberries and clean them of stems and put them to boil at very low heat. First mix very little, allowing them to leave some juice. After boiling for a while and fruit juice decreases its volume about half, add sugar and mix gently with a wooden spoon, being careful not to crush the fruit. Occasionally remove the foam and mix gently so that the comfiture does not stick to the bottom of the skillet.

Step 2: Boil it until you get to the desired consistency. To check the consistency, take out from time to time a little bit of comfiture on a plate, because when it cools it thickens enough. Put it in the jars while it's hot, staple them, turn them upside down and let them cool off. Enjoy!

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