Roasted duck with sour cabbage

Recipes - Roasted duck with sour cabbage

Tender duck meat and sour cabbage garnish ... a recipe to die for! It takes some time to prepare, but the result will exceed your expectations.


  • A duck of 1,5 kg
  • 1,5 kg pickled cabbage
  • 250 grams tomato juice
  • laurel leaf
  • fresh dill
  • pepper
  • fresh thyme
  • 400 ml water

Directions for Roasted duck with sour cabbage

Step 1: Chop the cabbage, mix it with tomato juice and spices. Put a layer of cabbage in the pot (it should have a volume of 4 liters). Place the duck over the cabbage. Then put the rest of the cabbage around and on top of the duck. Heat up the oven at 220 degrees and then place the pot inside. After an hour, remove the cabbage from the top of the cabbage and add 200 ml of water or red wine. When it’s cooked, turn the duck on the other side. Add more water if necessary. 

Step 2: Place it back in the oven and make sure that the duck gets roasted, remove it from the oven and keep the cabbage inside until it’s ready. Then put the duck over the cabbage again. Serve warm. Enjoy!

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