Raspberry comfiture

Recipes - Raspberry comfiture

On a warm slice of well buttered bread or as filling for some French pancakes, the comfiture is the favourite of both children and adults. And what better way of enjoying it than making it at home?


  • deep plate full of raspberries
  • kg sugar
  • juice from one lemon

Directions for Raspberry comfiture

Wash the raspberries in a colander with cold water, but in low pressure, so as not to squash them. The place them in a big pot along with the sugar and let them sit for a few hours. Boil them at small temperature, add the lemon juice. Remove the foam from time to time. Check when it’s ready by taking a little out with a teaspoon and placing it on a plate. If it solidifies it is ready. Put them hot in the jars and close them well. Enjoy!

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