Mozzarella and cherry tomato rolls

Recipes - Mozzarella and cherry tomato rolls

For breakfast and not only, warm or cold, these rolls are simply delicious!


  • frozen French batter
  • 100 g mozzarella
  • o mana rosii cherry
  • busuioc uscat
  • un ou


Directions for Mozzarella and cherry tomato rolls

Spread the batter on the working table. Grate the mozzarella, cut the tomatoes into cubes and mix all of them with egg (keep a tablespoon of egg for smearing the rolls). Also add basil. Spread the cream on the batter, roll, then cut into slices of one centimeter thick. Place them on a tray over baking sheet, smear them with egg and sprinkle more basil over them. Bake at medium heat until they turn golden brown. Enjoy!

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