Green curry chicken

Recipes - Green curry chicken

I'm not the biggest fan of meat, but I do eat it from time to time and I cook it for the carnivorous people in my life :)


  • 300 grams chicken breast cut into strips
  • tablespoon oil ( I used peanut oil)
  • bamboo shoots sliced (200 grams)
  • mung beans sprouts (around 200 grams)
  • can coconut milk
  • teaspoon lime zest
  • one zuchinni cut into cubes
  • green curry paste (about 2-3 tablespoons)
  • fresh basil
  • one tablespoon fish sauce
  • chili (optional)

Directions for Green curry chicken

Step 1: Heat up a tablespoon of oil in a pan than add the green curry paste (about three tablespoons). Add slowly 2/3 of the coconut milk, stir gently and let it simmer for a minute or two at small heat.

Step 2: Add the strips of chicken and one teaspoon of lime zest, keep it on the fire for about 3 minutes. Add the rest of the coconut milk, one tablespoon of fish sauce and when it starts simmering add the zucchini cubes, bamboo slices and beans sprouts. Cover with a lid and keep it simmering until the vegetables are cooked, but still al dente. Serve with rice, fresh basil and if you want chives. Enjoy!

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