Drunken pears

Recipes - Drunken pears

In the mood for a romantic, special desert? Or do you want to impress your guests with a fancy but easy to do recipe? These aromatic pears are the perfect answer.


  • 750 ml semi-sweet red wine
  • 4 pears 
  • a lemon 
  • 150 grams brown sugar (not white, because the brown pears give a different color) 
  • 1 cinnamon stick  
  • two walnuts


Directions for Drunken pears

Step 1: Wash the lemon with a little water and vinegar (to remove bacteria from the skin), then wipe it dry and slice it. Put the wine to boil with the sugar, cinnamon and lemon slices. After 10 minutes remove the cinnamon and the lemon and add the pears. Put them in a small pot, so that the pears are fully covered by wine. Cover them and boil for 15 minutes

Step 2: Remove the pears from the wine, add the walnuts cut into pieces and let it simmer at low heat until it boils down and thickens. To check when it’s ready, take a bit of sauce in a teaspoon and let it cool off (about 15 minutes after it starts boiling). If it has the consistency of honey, it’s ready.

Step 3: Serve each pear with wine sauce. They’re very aromatic and really easy to make. Enjoy!





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