Cheesecake with mascarpone and chocolate

Recipes - Cheesecake with mascarpone and chocolate

A creamy dessert that is extremely easy to make. Thank you, Gaby!


 Biscuit crust

  • 300 grams simple biscuits
  • 100 grams chocolate with milk
  • 100 grams butter

White cream

  • 150 ml liquid whipped cream 
  • 150 grams mascarpone
  • one tablespoon sugar
  • ½ gelatine
  • vanilla essence

Chocolate cream

  • 100 grams chocolate
  • 100 ml whipped cream
  • 150 grams mascarpone
  • one spoon of sugar
  • ½ gelatine foil

Directions for Cheesecake with mascarpone and chocolate

Step 1: Start by preparing everything for the biscuit crust. Grind the biscuits with the blender, then place them in a bowl. Melt butter together with the chocolate in small pot. Pour them over the biscuits while they are still hot, mix with a spoon and then by hand.

Step 2: Prepare a long, rectangular tray and place cooking foil in it. Using your hand and the back of a spoon, make sure that the mixture is evenly spread in the tray. Place tray in a cool place.

Step 3: Prepare the white cream by mixing the whipped cream, but not until it gets fully done, then add mascarpone, vanilla essence, sugar and keep mixing.

Step 4: Prepare the chocolate cream: melt chocolate with cream and sugar. Let then cool down. When it is warmish add mascarpone and mix for two minutes. Prepare the gelatine for both creams Place gelatin in a bowl and add 80 ml of warm water..

Step 5: Mix fast with a fork until it melts. Add the two gelatins over the two creams and mix gently. Take tray out of the cooling place and pour both creams in, alternating them. The cream must fill in the tray.

Step 6: When you finish, make sure it’s all leveled and place the tray back into the fridge and leave it over night. The next day place a platter on the tray and then flip the tray over. Then remove the foil and slice the cake. Enjoy!

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