Cheese and tomato rolls

Recipes - Cheese and tomato rolls

Ideal for breakfast, as starters at a party or just a snack between meals.


  • pack French pastry 
  • tomato juice
  • 200-300 grams cheese 
  • can dry tomatoes 
  • 200 grams seedless olives 
  • one egg 
  • parsley

Directions for Cheese and tomato rolls

Step 1: Place the pastry on the working table, then put the tomato juice on it, then add the grated cheese, the slices of olives and then the dry tomatoes in two rows at 15 centimeters distance from each other. Sprinkle fresh parsley and roll the pastry. The cut it into slices of 1,5 centimeters think.

Step 2: Place baking sheet on a tray and then place the pastry slices. Smear them with egg and place them in the oven. Remove them when they are ready. Enjoy!



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