Apple strudels


  • 4 sweet apples 
  •  pastry dough 
  • sugar
  • cinnamon 
  • rum essence
  • 1 egg yolk for greasing 
  • powdered sugar

Directions for Apple strudels

 I bought the pastry dough, but it would bea  better idea to have a homemade dough. 

I washed the apples and cleand them of stubs and peeled them. After that, I sliced them.
In a pan I put 4 tablespoons of sugar, I added the apples and let them caramelize. I added a little cinnamon and rum essence and let the apples cool. 
I cut the dough in the shape of rectangles, then I notched each rectangle, as you see in pictures. 
On each rectangle I arranged a few slices of apple and a bit of sauce (from the pan) and I packed them, with the notched part on top. 
I sitcked the edges with a fork, in order not to drain the sauce. 
I greased each strudel made ​​with egg yolk and put them in the oven (on baking paper) until they browned nicely. 
Finally I sprinkled powdered sugar over strudels. 
I invite you to taste a hot and fluffy apple strudel!
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