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If you search for an alternative to milk, something light with no fat or lactose, you will definitely enjoy the milk made out of nuts. All you need is a blender and a piece of cotton to draw off the mlk. Try to use bio nuts and if you use almonds, like in this recipe, avoid the white ones that are already peeled.


For milk:

  • a cup of almonds
  • 3 cups of pure water (I have seen so many recipes that relate to water, not tap waterclean ... for example, which can contain chlorine or other) 

For smoothies:

  • almond milk
  •  fruit (I used a few strawberries, a banana, a kiwi)

Directions for Almond milk with fruit

Step 1: Place the almonds in a bowl and add enough water as to cover them. Leave them to soak overnight. This is an important step for when we want to use them in other recipes because in this way they are easier to digest. If you ever ate nuts and you didn’t feel well with your stomack afterwards, it is because the nuts contain protective enzymes that prevent premature germination and therefore they are hard to digest.  Soaking them into water neutralizes these inhibiting enzymes and encourages the production of some beneficial ones, that help digestion. Therefore let them soak over night or at least for seven hours.

Step 2: Remove the almonds from the water. If you want, peel them. Put them into the blender with three cups of pure water. Mix well until the almonds are finely crushed and the water is white.

Another idea is to put the almonds into the blender with just half a cup of water and mix until it turns into a cream. Then keep adding water and mix, according to how creamy you want the milk to be. 

Step 3: When it’s ready, put a piece of cotton into a bowl. Pour the almond milk from the blender into it. Then catch the cotton from its margins and press out the liquid. The milk will get out and the cotton will retain the rest of almonds. It’s delicious as it is, but you can blend some fruits and add this milk and honey over them to make some delicious smoothies.


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